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Hi! I’m Marie and let’s get this straight from the start: most of the time  I’m not 100% raw. What I am is Mostly Raw. The other part is Vegan with a Vengeance! It’s a potent combination.

I love raw food, yoga, gardening, good books, bad movies. night skies and pickles.

I am a certified raw nutritionist, chef, educator and innkeeper as well as having a certification in Greenhouse Management, specializing in hydroponics. I am currently going for a degree in Environmental Science. Engaging me on a subject regarding any facet of sustainability is a dangerous proposition: most likely I will  never shut up.

Plants are my passion; I like to grow them, eat them, heal with them, beautify with them and write about them.

A lot of things amaze me. The stupidest things make me laugh.

Mother of two, one of whom is safely grown and out of the house, I have somehow managed to accumulate four more young children under my ever so humble roof merely through association. I thought I was done and now, this. It’s a wonderment. And somewhat of an insanity.

All of them eat fruits and vegetables to exhaustion. None of them are All Raw.

This is not a recipe blog, although there will be recipes. It is not a preachy diatribe about being saved by raw food although there might be revelation. I pretty much encounter revelation on a daily basis.

It is about my own experience with incorporating raw food into my life; the ups, the downs, the ridiculous and the sublime ( I have yet to figure which one is winning out). It is about being vegan and everything that entails.  It is about finding a relationship with what is healthy and natural  and making that a relationship that doesn’t drive you or everyone else insane. And it’s about working towards living the most sustainable life possible.

It’s about established fact and it’s about a bunch of stuff that neither I, nor anyone else, has necessarily fully figured out yet.

So I’m winging it. Thanks for joining me on the ride.

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