More Raw for Better Sex

Sex has always been one of my favorite things. For a moment let’s just put aside all the obvious; passionate-embracethe aspect of release, the intimacy… any of those things. What about this? Sex is fun! As far as I’m concerned that’s even worth getting woken up for. Yet there’s 20% of the people out there that are hitting the sack without even attempting the most minor of frolics and that’s just sad.

Low libido is attributed to stress, exhaustion, hormone imbalance and psychological trauma as well as a slew of other minor players.Yes, we live in a stressful world where everyone is trying to ‘beat the clock’ and there are never ‘enough hours in a day’ but if we can’t even cater to our own basic human needs there’ s something wrong. And a lot of it boils right down to diet and even more so to water. Diets high in meat, grains and dairy are just not doing the trick but a diet high in raw foods?

Now we are getting somewhere.

Eating raw can be a real shot in the arm when it comes to resolving low libido; it acts as a cleanser and detoxifier for the body allowing toxins to be flushed out and thus putting the body’s chemistry right back in sync. The larger part of this has specifically to do with the high water content that is inherent in a raw diet. We humans are a watery lot -up to 60% of a human adult body is comprised of water – and the more water we put into ourselves the more our body rewards us with maximum performance. It’s what keeps us energetic and juicy. Our cells depend on water; more water breeds healthier cells that can transport oxygen through the brain and body to power up your physical and mental energy.

Dehydration is the enemy of the sexy.

Without enough water the body has to relieve stress hormones and that throws off the sexual hormones like testosterone. All of a sudden we’re not feeling so sexy anymore. We’re turning over and going to sleep.

Raw fruits and vegetables act as natural lubricants because their water content is so high. We would have to drink gallons to achieve maximum hydration but the volume of produce in a raw diet makes it a snap, giving us the added benefit of boosting our vitality through vitamin content as well as making us a lot more slippery. Miraculously we have spit to spare; women’s bodies aren’t reliant on lube to ease friction and men are virtual fonts of semen… and it all tastes milder and better too. Including sweat which, somehow, isn’t quite as ‘sweaty’. All those concerns about body odor become a whole lot less to worry about. You are now an ambrosial vessel.

The main ingredient in your tendons is water. It’s also primary to the synovial fluid that lubricates our joints. Suffice it to say that high water intake is essential to keeping you at your bendy-est. And we all know that enhanced flexibility isn’t just great for yoga. Imagine what you can accomplish in the bedroom!

Increased blood flow is encouraged through water intake. That means better erections for men and increased sensitivity for women, never mind the fact that it is going to allow you to go on for so much longer with less recovery time. We are approaching the realm of sexual superstardom! And getting there is just about eating your fruits and veggies. No batteries required!

Last, but not least, a well hydrated body is a beautiful body with smooth, clear skin, soft lips, and more lustrous hair and nails. And there’s no doubt that when we look and feel better our confidence levels soar. Confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac. That’s what allows us to play, be cheeky and have a really good time!

So now that we’ve got all that water going for us, we can throw in the raw food extras. Like all that Vitamin C helping with collagen metabolism, making our skin all supple and elastic. And those beneficial fats like coconut, avocado, durian and olives throwing on a whole other layer of body-wide lubrication. Yet best of all is the fact that eating fruits and vegetables increases serotonin levels in the body and makes you happy.

Happier people have more sex.

They’re not the one’s with the headaches. They’re not as stressed. “I’m too tired”, is not a part of their vocabulary.

They actually “feel like it”.

And a whole lot of other things besides.

That’s sexy all by itself.

So pound down those fruits and vegetables with reckless abandon and get bumping! After all, you only live once!




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