Thinking Yourself Raw

dancing hippy I thought myself into raw.

I started calling myself raw long before I really was. You might think, “wow, that was bold! What a fake!”. But let me tell you… it wasn’t really. I wanted it so badly. And I was ready for it. I figured, if I told people, it would encourage me to further solidify what I claimed to be –  if only out of sheer pride and mortification of embarrassment. It did, too.

They say that you dress for the job you want, not the job you have. And if you can imagine something really really well, it can be yours. This method followed all those precepts and a few more.

My son used to play dress up all the time when he was little . My Bed and Breakfast guests were constantly “visited upon” by various personages, both alive and dead, real and imaginary. He would dress up like Leonardo Da Vinci and sit on a patch of lawn sketching flying machines and fantastic inventions; he went to a pop art exhibit at New York’s Metropolitan Museum as the spitting small image of Andy Warhol (someone actually recognized him and yelled out, “Hey, Andy!”); he wore a straw hat and bandaged his ear to do plein air paintings a la Van Gogh. He wanted to be an artist and way out there on that creative limb, he willed himself into one; he imagined it, he studied it, he practiced it and even got the wardrobe down to the point where he was an honest-to-God font of information by the time he was nine.  This is the beginning of becoming. People have been going on about “The Secret” and “The Laws of Attraction” but  that little boy had it down! So much so that he ended up becoming an actor as well!

Many think a dream is all it takes. Or prayer. But faith is only part of the battle. Faith without action is unrealistic: essentially it boils down to waiting for  a miracle. You can’t just throw a seed on the ground and expect something to happen. If it is not nurtured then only through coincidence and luck would it ever take root and grow.

It’s rare that anything falls from the sky…. although once I was sitting in my backyard sunbathing, minding my own business, and when I sat up a crab flew over my next door neighbors wall, hit me right in the middle of my forehead and exploded all over me. I was appalled and retreated inside immediately even as my sister so accurately pointed out that it was not likely that I would ever again in my entire life, be hit in the head by a flying crab. This really was all about coincidence – that I happened to be in the proximity of crabs being thrown – and (bad) luck… especially for the poor crab.

But I digress…

We must accept that each of us is 100%  responsible for ourselves and the sooner we can accept this, the sooner we can move forward. We alone are in charge of our own personal destiny; the seeds of success or failure are those we plant in our own minds. That’s why “keeping your eye on the prize” and not on the countless reasons you can come up with for why you’ll never get it, is a make or break proposition; the emotion that propels an idea is the vibration through which the thought is manifested. So if your desires are backed up by fear and negativity you are not exactly cultivating an environment in which success, joy and positivity can grow. Your own thoughts and the emotion attached to them are at the forefront of your destiny; they are the captain of the boat. They determine whether you make it to your destination or hit a rock fresh out of the harbor. Everything begins with a thought.

I know, it all sounds easier said than done. But just in the same way that the simple act of smiling – even if we begin by not really meaning it – can make us feel happier, it is completely possible to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.. This is where you are allowed to beat yourself with a stick. A happy stick, though. Positive things happen when we distance ourselves from the negative; That doesn’t mean that any of your problems or worries have disappeared. Just that you are not obsessing about them. And that really is the first step. Put your energy toward what you really want. Believe it can happen.

Remember Peter Pan?  Even pixie dust didn’t work by itself. You had to “Think of a wonderful thought!” to be able to fly.

That’s where the real  magic starts.

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