Why A Plant Based Diet?

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The amount of arguing that goes on about whether man was designed to eat plants, is essentially an omnivore or, as I recently heard on a Ted Talks is a coctivore… meaning that we are the species that cooks – makes me laugh at times. Because essentially you might say that all those things are true or were true at any given period. Nothing is gospel.

We can look at the basics, though. It took a hell of a lot for man’s jaw to even evolve to the point where meat-eating became easier. There was one indisputable ingredient involved in that recipe too. Fire…. We figured out how to keep it going and that lead to… cooking; making meat and other things that were previously inedible due to our own physical inadequacies, soft enough to comfortably consume. Enter: the coctivore. But the bottom line is that regardless of the fact that man learned to eat meat and even had to as a matter of survival during the Ice Ages, our bodies original design was not geared towards this.

And it’s not just about teeth.Maybe I’m wrong but unless you count Lee Press On Nails, I haven’t exactly seen a lot of claws out there either. Similarly our digestive tracts are completely prohibitive as well. The human liver has a low tolerance for uric acid, a by-product of digesting animal protein. In contrast the liver of carnivorous animals contains uricase, an enzyme specifically used to break down this acid. The stomach juices of carnivores are ten times more acidic than ours. Why? So they can more efficiently break down the high concentrations of animal protein that constitutes their diet. As for the digestive tract, the carnivore has a short intestine so that it can quickly eliminate the acidic waste matter produced by animal protein; ours is about thirty feet of twists and turns. It’s not exactly easy in, easy out. The human digestive tract is designed so that food can pass through slowly, allowing us to fully absorb minerals and nutrients provided by fruit and plant matter. These will naturally break down and move on through our bodies at a much quicker rate than animal protein. Obviously, in the course of our ‘original design’ not much thought was given to the absurd fact that we would be passing everything and the kitchen sink through there… hell, there’s things we eat that make meat seem like a good choice in comparison. Have you ever noticed too that carnivorous animals can eat raw meat and not get sick? Why do you think that is?

There is an interesting dichotomy here; many claim that the reason our brains developed to the point that we actually evolved into the intelligent species we are today (and I think you would agree that that is sometimes debatable), is as a result of cooking that essentially ‘grew’ our brains through an overabundant source of protein. Maybe that’s true but, the fact is, the rest of our bodies haven’t changed enough to handle this.

Something just like this happened with the advent of the electric light too: all of a sudden the ‘day’ could be artificially extended and whereas that might be great for ‘getting things done’ our health, as a species, has suffered for it. Sleep deprivation is one of the main causes of illness. Our bodies are just not up to it; they are supposed to be in rhythm with the earth, not responding to a switch. The human body is stressed operating outside of its naturally prescribed environment. Enormous stress is placed on the human liver to process the excessive uric acid produced by animal proteins. The intestine is no better; the long, hot environment that the animal protein is required to pass through for digestion can actually cause meat to rot, encouraging bacteria to grow and causing toxicity mostly through  ammonia by-product of  high flesh food. Ammonia is extremely toxic to our system and its presence is associated with more rapid aging. Considering the amount of wrinkle creams sold every day in this country and the increasing use of botox, I think it’s safe to say that no one is aspiring to age.

We know that we need protein but the kind of protein we require is readily available from the amino acids in plants. The combination of plants and grains makes for complete proteins. No meat needed. The argument that animal protein is necessary to building muscle is a bogus claim. Some of the strongest, most impressive animals on earth get ALL of their protein from plants. Exhibit A: Elephants. Hippos, too. Maybe you don’t like to be compared to a hippo? OK. Well, check out our own close relatives… the great apes.

Bill SimmonsAnd take a look at this guy! He’s a vegan. And he doesn’t exactly look like he’s hurting for anything – least of all muscle.

Toxicity leads to aging. More than ever there is evidence that a plant based diet is optimal for health and beauty! And by beauty I don’t mean looking like Cindy Crawford but achieving your own personal best: when you put the right food into your body the reflection is good health. And that looks beautiful on everyone. They are right now completely redoing the ‘food pyramid’ to reflect new findings and the meat industry might suffer a bit of a blow. As we consume a plant-based diet, our body works more efficiently, eliminating toxins at a greater rate. This cleansing effect shows up in every aspect of our constitution promoting better sleep, greater energy, less illness and healthy hair, skin and nails. Whereas diets high in animal protein and dairy have been proven to contribute to a slew of health issues from headaches tlo cardiovascular disease, a plant-based diet contributes to our body’s peak performance.

Haven’t you heard? ‘Green’ is the new Black so let’s all get with the program and go for the green!

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