The High Road To Raw

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There’s no sugar coating it. I pretty much went about the Raw thing all wrong.

For a few short weeks I dabbled with a Raw Till Four kind of scenario.Then I went whole hog. It was like a shock to my system.

I was hungry.

For people who are genuinely ill with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. drastic measures are usually required to cleanse the body quickly and efficiently, essentially flushing the system of all toxins that are contributors to the negative state of health. My friend, Alisa, literally cured herself of severe, debilitating rheumatoid arthritis in three months by adopting a 100% raw food diet virtually overnight. Nothing else worked but that did. That kind of testimonial for a raw food diet is the best there ever was. And you hear them all the time.

Makes you want to jump right on that bandwagon. Because if it can cure disease, imagine what it can do for the average person. Optimum health is just a salad or few around the corner.

They say a raw diet bestows better vision (all those carrots, we must assume). That eyes can change color (I’d like mine more green, please). That grey hair can be restored to it’s natural hue. That pregnancy will culminate in a pain free birth (a number of us girls really cracked up about this one). That it eliminates the need for sunscreen. Oh yes, and did you know that raw food is the ‘fountain of youth’?

I want it! Don’t you? I remember reading all this stuff and thinking, “Wow! What else can it do?” Not that there is anything much better than new eyes and everlasting youth and beauty.

Sounds like magic, right? And, like most things magical, one perceives things the way they do because there are essential bits of information missing.

In this case, the missing part is You.

You have to put yourself in the mix. Realistically.

What has your diet been up to this point? Do you cook most of the food you eat? Do you still eat meat or have you already forgone flesh foods for ‘greener’ pastures? Are you clinging to dairy or have you already adopted a vegan plant based diet?

This is your starting ground.

When I began eating raw, I had a high vegetarian diet. For the most part my diet bordered on vegan except for the fact that I ate cheese on occasion, sometimes had yoghurt and once in a blue moon, indulged in ice cream. But, likewise, every once in awhile I would eat meat too. All I can say is: it was mostly organic. But it was definitely meat.

Now you would think that I would say that the first step toward raw would be to eliminate meat but I am going to shock you and not say it. The first step is to go organic.Keeping anything out of your body that is not pesticide, hormone and GMO free sets the stage for wellness.

Next maybe have an all raw day every week. Or maybe two. In a row. See how that feels.

After that it’s a process of slow elimination.  First meat (if you haven’t done it yet). Hey, maybe first it’s just red meat! When you are comfortable there you can go on to the next step of eliminating dairy. The trick is to ease into things so your body gets acclimated just as climbers do when they’re scaling Mount Everest, just as divers do as they make their way from the depths up to air. They have to stop and hang out for a bit periodically.These rests essentially allow them to go on successfully. If a diver ascended straight out of the water from 160 ft. he would get the ‘bends’ and have to be hospitalized!

And if you went straight from being a ‘carnivore’ to being a ‘raw foodist’ someone else might have to be hospitalized after you take a bite out of them! Intention is wonderful and it gets high points but successful realization being the ultimate goal, strategic measures need be employed to ensure it.

While you are gradually yet systematically eliminating things from your diet,  just keep eating more and more fresh fruits and vegetables. Nuts and seeds, too. Have those be your go-to snacks. Explore the world of raw, dehydrated snacks as well. There are plenty of yummy kale chips and raw trail bars out there now and some amazing raw desserts that could make anyone a convert. Give those a try to quell any taste you might have for processed junk food.

The aim should be towards gradually making the majority of your day raw. The reality is that once you are 80% raw you are contributing significantly to the betterment of your body and the planet. But every little bit counts.

As you incorporate more and more raw food into your diet, you will find that the way you feel will be the best advertisement for your continuing on to the next level if that’s where you want to go. Your body will healthfully adjust and appreciate and you won’t be as ravenous for the things you’re weaning yourself away from.

You’ll be satiated and the general public will be safe.

And that’s what we want. Good news for everyone.

  One thought on “The High Road To Raw

  1. June 29, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    Hey there! I’ve been “raw” now for going on 3 days…and I’m miserable! LOL. No, but seriously, I’ve just posted about my adventures in raw diet-hood (and cravings) over at my blog; I was searching for some other people blogging about raw food and found you so I thought I’d say hi and invite you to come visit me at 🙂


    • July 8, 2016 at 6:57 pm

      Hi! Depending on where you start when you initially go raw, the whole raw experience can be like a miserable drug detox where everything in your being is telling you, “eat a cookie, grab a burger”! I feel for you! On that note, I also visited your site and had some good laughs… especially about the hashtags! Hashtags are like algebra to me; some weird language that’s only spoken in certain places and absolutely useless and annoying in any other context. I’m following your blog now so looking forward to more!


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