What the Hell is a Vegan?

Group of different fruit and vegetables
When I first met my friend, Alisa, I had very little notion of what a raw food diet entailed. I guess if I had been forced to hazard a guess my ideas would have hovered around sushi and steak tartare; I was, honestly, clueless. Alisa changed all of that for me. She alone is responsible.
For all of my sixteen years operating a bed and breakfast here in Santa Fe, NM, I had only once run into guests that were living with what I then believed to be the limitations of a vegan diet – let alone a raw one. Usually the first thing I do after securing a room reservation is to inquire of my future guests whether they have any dietary restrictions or if there are things they simply can’t stand (to which I usually get the answer ‘liver’ , a dish that fortunately never had its place on my breakfast menu). On this occasion I recall having heard  the word ‘Vegan’. I remember my honest inquiry, “so, what can’t you eat?” and the responding litany: “ no eggs, no milk, no cheese, no butter… no dairy of any kind, no animal products of any kind, no honey. As shell shocked as I was about the dairy aspect, I was floored by the honey thing. Why the hell not? What’s wrong with honey? Later someone would inform me that it was because honey is made by bees, thus an animal product. I pondered on this for a long time.
What was I going to make these people for breakfast? 
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