In Praise of Slowness


I love Raw Food. Its that simple. I’m not a vigilante, I’m not going to get on my soapbox and tell anyone that this is ‘The Way’: to eat Fruits and Vegetables and You Will be Saved. I’m not going to tell you that  even if it might be true. For me, it kind of is. And for you, it might be too.

Just don’t be in too much of a rush.

It’s not all or nothing. The journey to better health is just that: a journey. It takes time.

Some people take a circuitous route. Sometimes there are stops along the way. Sometimes you get to a certain place and decide, “this feels good I’m staying right here.” And you should. Until you are ready to move on a little further. Because you will, if you give yourself a little time.

We are living in fast times. Instant gratification is the ultimate goal. If we want information fast, we have the internet. If we want food fast, we use a microwave. If we want to talk to someone right away we have the cell phone and text messaging. It’s all great but I actually remember and relish the time when we didn’t all have cell phones. if you were waiting for some guy to call, you had to wait all day till you got home from work and then you would run to the phone and listen to all your messages on the answering machine. If you got the call, you would be jump up-and-down ecstatic. All the slow waiting, the buildup, made it that much better.

Have you ever noticed that when you try to rush something, it usually becomes a huge mess?

The first thing to do is slow down. Going All Raw overnight is setting yourself up for failure. Depending on your starting point, your body – and your brain – need time to adjust. Its not a race. Its a stroll.

Go More Raw And just keep Going till you get where you want to be.  Savor the journey. It’s going to be a wonderful trip no matter how long it takes.

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