About (Mostly) Raw Me

raw woman makes raw foodHi! I’m Marie and let’s get this straight from the start: most of the time  I’m not 100% raw when it comes to what I eat. My degree of raw changes with the weather and it’s completely cyclical: in summer I barely even consider eating anything but raw food and by winter I’m eating a hot vegan meal every night that i take great joy in preparing myself. I don’t beat myself up for this non-perfectionism…it’s probably the most natural thing there is. All these raw foodists will advocate that man is naturally raw but no one can deny that man was always opportunistic: he ate what was there and he ate according to the seasons. Pretty much like me. I don’t believe in excess. I don’t believe in diets. Absolutes are a recipe for failure. I believe in listening to my body because nine times out of ten it’s a lot smarter than me and will automatically let me know if I’m doing something right – or wrong. So I describe the way I eat as mostly raw because that’s how my body is happiest and healthiest.

But there’s another side to Rawness that has nothing to do with raw food. When you look up the word ‘raw’ in the dictionary one of the most potent definitions is : simple, powerful, real. And that’s the part of raw that I try to live up to 100%..

I love raw food, yoga, gardening, good books, bad movies. night skies and pickles. Especially pickles.

I am a certified raw nutritionist, chef, educator and innkeeper as well as having a degree in Controlled Environment Agriculture.

I’m really crazy about plants; I like to grow them, eat them, heal with them, beautify with them and write about them. And, even though I spent some years studying how to grow plants without soil, I really love getting my hands dirty with real earth because let’s face it…that’s the basis for everything. Not to mention that nothing makes you feel more simple, grounded and childlike than messing around with dirt! It’s just about as raw as anyone can get.

A lot of things amaze me. The stupidest things make me laugh. I believe a sense of humor is probably your most valuable possession. You need one of those all the time.

I have two amazing kids both of whom I  managed to safely raise and who are both out on their own now. I had a ton of fun doing this, no doubt. But oddly, my reward for this is that I have somehow managed to accumulate four more young children under my ever so humble roof merely through association.  Everyone teases me that I was such a great mom that’ the powers that be’ elected me to do it again. I thought I was done and now: this. It’s a wonderment. And somewhat of an insanity. Most of the time I feel like the old woman in the shoe who had ‘so many children she didn’t know what to do’. Figuring out what to do is, in fact, a 24 hour a day conundrum.

All of the kids in this house eat fruits and vegetables to exhaustion. In fact, they eat to exhaustion period. None of them are All Raw. And none of them are overweight either.

You’ll find recipes here but I’m not considering it to be a cooking blog. After all, there’s no cooking in the raw world anyway.  And I’m not going to tell you how I was Saved by raw food although there might be revelation. I pretty much encounter revelation on a daily basis. And I also know a few people who really have been Saved by raw food: great stories of near biblical proportions. Maybe I’ll let you in on a few of those.

So what’s it all about then? It is about the experience of incorporating raw food into life; the ups, the downs, the ridiculous and the sublime ( I have yet to figure which one is winning out). It’s an introduction to vegan without the vegan missionary encouraging you to whip yourself and wear a hair shirt if you ever eat meat. It is about finding a relationship with what is healthy and natural  and making that a relationship that doesn’t drive you or everyone else insane. It’s about getting tricky about how you pass all these great notions on to your loved ones. And it’s about being a woman and trying to stay simple, powerful, real and happy in this crazy world that sometimes encourages us to be anything but. Above all it’s about providing the information for you to figure out your own path…whatever that might be.

It’s about Health, Pleasure, Possibility and getting Raw. Mostly.