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Juices or Smoothies? Anyone? Anyone?

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 There always seems to be a lot of debate out there over the benefits of juices over smoothies and vice versa. There are definitely designated camps and many are staunch in their convictions Right about now, it looks like smoothies are gaining ground but it wasn’t that long ago that Joe Cross’s “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ was converting everyone to juicing with an almost religious fervor. Thankfully I’ve never been fat, sick or nearly dead but even I was moved to the point where I finally went whole hog and bought a juicer.

People ask if a green juice is healthier than a green smoothie. Some raw food experts recommend drinking juices over smoothies and vice versa; that is because some say that it is healthier to take in the whole fruit or vegetable (fiber), while others say the juice is all you really need. After researching the subject and testing them out myself, it is my opinion that they are both equally vital in maintaining and increasing one’s overall vibrancy and health. The real secret, however, to really reaping their reward, is to consistently incorporate both into ones daily eating routine. Every day one or both should make an appearance in our diet. This is, hands down, the easiest thing in the world to do; and it’s a delicious way to inject raw health into any diet. Really, I can’t think of any excuses not to do it.

So, what’s the difference?

A green juice is one that is prepared with mostly green, leafy vegetables, other vegetables and a little fruit. These vegetables are then put through a juicer. ( Note: they can also be blended together and the juice squeezed through a nutmilk bag).You can pack a lot of nutrition in a glass of juice;; more than likely you could never consume the sheer volume of veggies that might be in a juice, in one sitting… not even if you made them into a smoothie.  When you prepare a green juice with whole, fresh greens, vegetables and fruit, the juicer extracts the fiber from the fruits, greens and vegetables and all you are left with is the juice. When you drink a green juice, it’s minerals, vitamins, nutrients and natural sugars go directly into the blood stream and little to no digestion is required to break down the juice, hence the body wastes no energy digesting but rather instantly receives , not only the juice’s nutrients, but also instant energy. Among other benefits, green juices are great for fasting, illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions. Diabetics are cautioned to stay away from fruit rich juices, however, because the delivery system is so efficient and swift, causing sugars to enter the body too quickly Therein lies much of the current juice controversy.

.Personally, I love juice. Especially in the summer, over ice

 So. what about the green smoothie? A green smoothie is one that is prepared with whole fresh greens and whole fresh or frozen fruit. These fruit and vegetables are then blended together in a blender. At the end of the blending process you are left with, not only the juice, but the fiber as well. In drinking a green smoothie, the presence of the fiber allows the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and natural sugars to enter the blood stream at a slower rate, thereby helping to keep the body’s glucose level on a more even keel. Your body reaps nutritive rewards along with receiving a longer-lasting constant energy. And, although some digestion is necessary to break down the fiber, it won’t take nearly as much energy as if it were trying to break down meat, dairy or processed white sugar .

The idea behind eating a diet consisting of more raw foods is simply that the more whole, fresh and raw one’s diet is, the less amount of energy is needed for digestion and the benefit to that is that if the body is not using all of it’s energy for digestion it can expend it on more important matters. It can expend it in healing the body when necessary; directing it’s healing energies to the parts of the body that need it in that moment. And, if no healing is necessary at that particular moment in time, then your body just gets the awesome benefits of feeling energized!

So, what is the final answer? Incorporate both green juices and green smoothies into your daily routine. One day do a juice, another a smoothie and so on. Or you can go really nuts and take a juice and a smoothie on the same day .I myself, detest the taste of wheatgrass and there’s this stuff called Brain-on that easily falls into the same taste category… (dare I say…vile!) but I will add them both to a smoothie where the taste will be absorbed and hidden, and reap the energetic rewards. Honestly, You will have so much energy you will not know what to do with yourself. Imagine that… too much energy! What a concept!